How Do I
Reserve a Camper?

To Reserve I'll need to know:

 ~ To start your reservation please text me the answers to the list of questions above ~

 ~ Half of the rental fee and a signed rental agreement is due as a deposit to hold the camper for the dates agreed upon. The remainder will be due when you pickup the camper. ~

~ If you opted for delivery or have a potty fee, those fees will be tacked onto the remaining balance ~

For Example: You want to pickup the Tahoe anytime July 1st and drop off anytime July 4th

Tahoe @ $150 a day for 4 days would be $600 plus the $50 potty fee (tacked onto the remainder)

Half of the rental ($300 cash or money order) and a signed rental agreement is due to reserve

the remainder ($350 cash or money order), a copy of your license and insurance is due when you pickup

* If you also wanted delivery, that fee would be added to the $350 remainder *

Feel free to visit the FAQ tab if you have any questions
- or -
Call/Text me @ (406) 437-4013 to start your reservation

Important to note: 

* A signed Rental Agreement is required prior to any rental. *

* You must provide a copy of your driver’s license and insurance before taking our rentals *

* Half of the total rental fee (non-refundable) is due to reserve a camper *

*** Please keep in mind everything is rented on a DAY-TO-DAY basis ***

~ Pickup and drop off anytime - Midnight to Midnight ~