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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can you show me how you're popup campers function?

Answer - Absolutely! You're more than welcome to come out (by appointment only) and check them out before reserving! Before taking any of our campers I'll do a Full walk through of the entire camper
- How to pop it up, set it up, and show the inner workings such as the heater, water, and fridge if equipped.

You can also Google "How to setup a popup camper" and get a multitude of different resources to learn from! Here's a video that I found that's very similar to what I show every renter before they take our campers --> "How to set up a pop up camper" published by Pop up camper pro on YouTube


Q - Do the campers come with propane and a battery?

Answer - Yes! Yes they do!!! We don't expect you to refill anything, you paid to use it...

All the campers come stocked with the camp-out basics; pots-n-pans, silverware, kitchen utensils, bowls, plates, cups, towels, blankets, chocks. A battery for lights, heater, and water pump if equipped

Q - It says you need a copy of my drivers license and insurance?

Answer - Yup I can just take a picture of your Drivers license and insurance card (if you have it on your phone you can screen shot and text me:) when you pick up - Or, you can text them both to me

Q - How much do you charge to deliver?

Answer - Delivery Fee depends on the location - feel free to text me the details I can give you estimates :)

Q - Does the Delivery fee just include drop-off?

Answer - Nope the delivery fee includes -
~ The drop-off,
~ Setting up of the camper,
~ Showing you how everything works
(i.e. how to turn on your heater, how to work the water, stove, and fridge if equipped, and showing you where the towels, blankets, pots-n-pans, and kitchen utensils are all located)
~ Then, pick up when you say the word

Is Helena just too far out of the way? We could just meet you half-way!

Q - Do you guys rent out RVs?

Answer - Unfortunately no, we're not quite that big... yet ;)

Q - When can I pick up and drop off the camper?

Answer - You can pick up and drop off anytime from midnight to midnight

Wanna get out of town for that 4 hour trip as early as possible and pickup at 7am? - You can do that!

Don't get off work until 8pm and can't pickup the camper til after work? - No problem! We'll be here!

Stayed a little longer than anticipated, now you won't get back until midnight? We can wait for you!

Life happens we can always schedule a time and place that's most convenient for you!

Q - Where would I pick up the camper?

Answer - We run this business from our home so please call or text me to schedule a time :)

Q - Where would I find the Rental Agreement?

Answer - Go to the camper you've chosen

There should be a button in the header of the page on the right;
Another button is located under the first camper pic next to the description;
Another at the bottom of the page.

Q - Is there a mileage fee, cleaning fee, security deposit or any other fee I should know about?

Answer - No we don't do that and I think it's ridiculous

~ We don't charge you if you took the camper over a certain amount of miles. We do charge mileage if we deliver.

~ As far as a cleaning fee, we don't charge a fee unless it's unreasonably filthy and trashy, I would really appreciate if you left it as you found it. Pack-in, Pack-out please :)

~ The only "Security Deposit" we do would be the Reservation Deposit that secures the camper you want for the dates you'd like.

~ We do have a $50 potty fee for any camper with a bathroom... because well, I don't wanna deal with your fecal matter for free... I have to clean that bathroom so please keep that in mind :)

Q - What kind of payments do you accept? Do you take cards?

Answer - We can not accept checks or cards. 

We're sorry but we've had bad luck with checks and don't have a way of taking cards unless it's through Venmo

Practice makes perfect!

I found this and thought it may be helpful for some...

* Stay slow so if you do hit anything there won't be much damage! Slow and Steady wins the race! *